Amur Leopards and Project Bears

This species is only of the most endangered species in the world. There are only 70 of them in the world. They survived in the Far East of Russia, as well as in China. However, people are trying to increase their numbers, and it is a hard thing to do.

Project Polar

In July 2014, the park started to operate for polar bears, and they are protected at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The first bear, whose name is Victor, was 500 kg. The second one arrived in March 2015, whose name is Pixel, and he is Victor's grandson. They are a traveler's favorite to see.


Park Camping

Yorkshire Wildlife Park has many camping capabilities, as the territory is vast, a visitor can enjoy their time. However, there are some regulations according to their terms of the policy, and each visitor must check those regulations beforehand to avoid additional fees or problems. There are more than ten campgrounds, some of them need booking, while others do not need it. Showers provide some of them, but most of them have tap water, with flush toilets. Many of them are pet friendly, but not all of them accept pets, this must be checked in advance as well. The following camping locations are operated by the authorities, in Yosemite: Pilgrims Fathers Caravan Park Little Oak Campground Woodcare Park Campground Tolworth Grange Campground Oakside camping Waterfront Glamping Thrybergh Country Park For future bookings, visitors should email at [email protected] . Pilgrims Fathers Caravan Park It is a peaceful camping and touring retreat. A visitor should bring his/her tent or touring caravan. Parking of this caravan is free of charge, and they will not have to pay additional fees. Fishing is available as well, as it is near to a river. Little Oak Camping This campsite is blessed with greenery. The site is readily available from all directions. Glamping is available, as well as super-comfortable in this area. Campfires are permitted, but must not be left alone. Woodcare Park Camping It is available only for adults. This site is a pet-friendly one. Holiday caravans, as well as lodges, are featured there. Access

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